Reflections on 2014 – 6 Months

I’ve been feeling the need to blog again. Now that I’m finally done with my thesis (as of TODAY!) and not currently blogging for a company, my brain has space to process through writing. So I decided to take each of the 20-ish items on my 2014 Vision Board and reflect on them. 

The first entry is about the phrase “6 Months.” Printed in block black letters, this part of the board was probably the most bittersweet. I just wrote a page or so about it, stream of conscious – a conversation with God. But here’s what I’ll share on here:

As I drove to work on my last day, I was listening to a NeedtoBreathe song and these lyrics stuck out,

“Dreading this night since the rain hit the ground”


“Oh I know I’m gonna rise again.

Set my sights on where I’m going

And my goodbyes to where I’ve been

Oh I know I’m gonna rise again

I could see us moving on I can feel that coming on strong

We’ll never start all over like this and I still can’t believe it.”

They stuck out not because of the actual words but because of the way they settled on my lips and in my heart. During my long commutes of the last couple weeks, I had been singing those songs and most of the time I would be reduced to tears. I had been praying desperately that this day would be one of peace. One of acceptance and genuine belief that You had something better. Not of complete understanding, but of complete trust. And that morning as I sat in traffic on the 5 and sang these songs, I realized You had answered my prayers. And I couldn’t help but smile and laugh.

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