Site Launch Tomorrow!

I’m overwhelmed by the love and support I have received from family and friends in the past couple months and especially the last week. They have confirmed that this project is important and reminded me about why I started the project and how far it has come. I feel like I’ve worked on it so long and been focused on the little things, but you have all made me take a step back and see the bigger picture.

I am super excited for the week ahead! I finally get to let go of The Cave Place tomorrow and see what God wants to do with it. For the next couple weeks, I have determined that these three things need to be my focus:

Awareness of the site/get the name out
Gathering a group of psychiatrists, therapists and other psychology professionals to write content and help moderate the website and social media.
Funds for re-design of the site to include interactive features.

Here are the things you can do this week to help:

Social Media – (A “like” can go a long way)

Follow along and interact before and on Launch Day!– if people of influence come across the social media profiles, it will be cool for them to see people already involved!
Share TOMORROW with quotes or thoughts on social media platforms.

Launch Day Insta Challenge
Post the attached graphic on Instagram OR Facebook tomorrow, Monday October 21st.
Participate in the challenge on Tuesday, October 22nd by snapping or uploading a picture of your cave place on Instagram OR Facebook with #mycaveplace (your cave place = the physical place God uses to comfort, remind you of His beauty or reveal things to you. It’s where you let go of control, perfection, or outcome of the situation you are facing). Could be a chair in a corner, a beach, a hiking trail – whatever that place is for you.

Moderators – (Can’t move forward without them)
Pass this (or the previous email) along to any psychology professionals.
Email me ( with information about sound and trusted psychology professionals.

Funds – (ugh)
I have a donation page up at to start collecting donations.
Please let me know of any foundations or grants that would relate to this project.

Prayer – (I’m anticipating a roller coaster of a week)
Me – peace, strength and courage! No fears and insecurities.
Project – wisdom and clarity for direction and the right people at the right time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you,


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