Hello everyone!!! So clearly I’ve been a little busy but I wanted to update you on my life and my thesis.

First off, I have been the Blog Editor and main writer for The Giving Keys since the fall (and I haven’t had much time to blog here) so make sure to check out our blog at

Secondly, my thesis is approved, most of the paper is written and I am into the design and creating content portion of the project. I’ve got a 35 page proposal complete with a situational analysis, marketing analysis, and appendices. Here is the official project objective:

I am proposing a website that will fill the void of information and support for young American Christians currently left by pastors and church communities surrounding struggles with mental illness. I will create a multi-media website called “The Cave Place” for 14-22 year-olds of the Christian faith who are struggling with mental illness. Original content will focus on depression and anxiety through personal stories and professional opinions told via a blog entries and video interviews. The website will serve as a platform to promote existing theologically and medically sound resources and will possibly feature a heavily mediated message board, all with the goal of creating a unique supportive community.

I’m excited to get the site up and running with blogs and videos, but I need a little help. The content for the beta site will be focused around the discussion of depression disease vs. depression non-diesease i.e chemical vs situational. First, explaining the scientific difference and then how each is viewed by the Christian community, causes and solutions for each, and the role of guilt and sin in each. Here are some specific ways you can help me as I look for people to bring alongside for this journey.

1. I need an undergrad computer science major to code my website. If you know a professional who would be willing to do the project pro-bono, that would be great as well. LOS ANGELES.

2. I need an undergrad graphic designer to serve as my assistant graphic designer. If you know a professional, same as above :)LOS ANGELES.

3. I need a Christian young man (18-40) to guest blog about his struggles with depression as a 14-22 year old. IT CAN BE ANONYMOUS. Specifically about depression disease and non-disease. Was chemical depression treated as a sin? Was there a time of situational depression and how did sin play a part in that?

4. I need a Christian young woman (18-40) to be a short documentary subject talking about her struggles with depression as a 14-22 year old. Same discussion as with the above blogger. LOS ANGELES.

5. I need Christian professionals (psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists) to review blog and video content not created by professionals for accuracy and to make sure the individual and collective content is both medically and theologically sound. These professionals can take on a few projects or just one, but I know I need people for the following:

1. Review the about page and my personal blog about my experiences.

2. Review a video.

3. Review a blog.

4. Help me write one Question of The Week and pick the best answers from website participants.

5. Write a guest blog explaining the differences between depression disease and non-disease.

6. Help me compile resources and articles that are helpful for this discussion.

If you have anybody in your personal or professional circles that would fit any of these descriptions, please have them email me at for more information!

Thank you so much and I’ll make sure to update more often!!!